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Whether you want to learn a new language, want to master a language, would like to prepare for an exam or have the goal to improve your speaking skills… It’s all possible at Language Corner.

We know how important language learning is for people. It opens up possibilities in your professional life, love life and daily life. Language connects people and that’s what makes it beautiful.

We offer Dutch, English and Spanish courses for all kind of people and all kind of purposes. So find out now how we can improve your future!

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Our courses

Online courses

If you are not able to take physical courses, we offer online possibilities as well. You can take online group courses, the online Dutch course ‘Dutch Every Day’ or you can take private lessons via Zoom. This way you can choose your own pace and intensity.

General group courses

The semi-intensive and intensive General Group Courses will go from one level to another. All the aspects of the language will be covered, such as speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.

Conversation courses

In the Conversation Courses you will focus on improving your speaking skills, such as vocabulary, pronunciation, fluency in speaking and gaining more confidence in speaking the language.

Dutch inburgering preparation

With the specific Dutch Inburgering Exam Preparation Training, we prepare you for the inburgering exam in 6 lessons. In small groups and lessons given online or at our location in Amsterdam.

Private lessons

The Private lessons are 1-on-1 lessons and are fully adapted to your needs and level. You can choose your own pace, intensity and focus. So it’s possible to prepare for an exam, job interview or focus on particular aspects like writing, speaking or professional language.

In-house courses for companies

We offer English, Dutch and Spanish courses for groups or individual employees. The professional courses are tailor-made to the needs of your company and can be given at your office or our location.

What our students say

Students give us a 8.9 on average, based on over 200 reviews.

Daniela Arias

The relationship teacher-student is perfect! The activities in the lessons allow you to express you in the language you are learning. The games the teacher used to teach you vocabulary were very good and important for me.

Martina Cannas

I really enjoyed my time at Language Corner. There was a lovely familiar atmosphere between students, teachers and school directors. Everybody was very friendly and this encourages you to learn the language faster.

Kevin Lieber

I had an awesome experience with the Language Corner’s Dutch beginner course. It was fun, educational, and challenging. Michelle is such a great instructor! If you’re looking to learn, this is definitely the place!

Cristòfor Rosique Bird

My two week course learning A2 Dutch at Language Corner in Amsterdam has definitely gone beyond my expectations. Fantastic classes mixing the didactic aspect of a course and the fun part of learning a new language. Het was fantastisch!

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