Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers on the most frequently asked questions:

General information

  • On which location the lessons are given?
    Lessons are given either at Rietwijkerstraat 10 in Amsterdam or Frederik Hendrikplantsoen 98 in Amsterdam. We will always inform you in case the lessons will take at another location.
    With private lessons you can also take the lessons at home or at your office.
  • Do you offer accommodation?
    No, we don’t offer accommodation ourselves and unfortunately we can’t assist in finding accommodation. However, we can recommend the platform HousingAnywhere. To access the platform and receive priority access to the listings click here. You could also try The Student Hotel, which has a location in Amsterdam West as well.
  • Can you help me with a visa?
    Unfortunately we can’t assist in the visa procedure. Contact your embassy in case you have questions concerning a visa. In The Netherlands it’s only possible to receive a student visa if you are enrolled at a Dutch university.


Enrolment procedure

  • How can I enrol for a group course?
    You can enrol and pay directly through the website:

    1. Select in the menu ‘English courses’ or ‘Dutch courses’.
    2. Choose the course you want to follow and click on the course.
    3. Fill in the registration form on the page of the particular course.

    It’s also possible to come by our school to complete the enrolment and payment. Check our contact page for the opening hours.
    If the course will be paid by your company, just let us know. In this case we can send you a price quotation first or just put the invoice on the name of the company.


Courses general

  • In which language the courses are taught?
    The courses are taught in the language that you are learning. However, in ’emergency’ cases the teacher can explain in English.
  • What level do I have?
    The levels in our courses are divided according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The framework works with the following levels:
    A0: Absolute beginner
    A1: Beginner
    A2: Elementary
    B1: Pre-Intermediate
    B2: Intermediate
    C1: Upper-Intermediate
    C2: Advanced
    If the level of the course is A1, this means that the course works from the A0 level to the A1 level.
    If you don’t know your exact level, you can schedule an intake (by phone) with one of our teachers. You can request an intake on these pages: for English or for Dutch.
  • Can I join the course when it already started?
    It’s possible to join a general group course until the 3rd lesson, but you won’t be refunded for the missed lessons. After the 3rd lesson it’s not possible to join the course anymore.
    With conversation courses it’s possible to join later and in some cases be refunded for the missed lessons. Ask one of the employees of Language Corner about this.
  • How long do the courses take?
    This depends on the type, level and the language of the course:
    – English group courses: 7 weeks
    – Dutch group courses level A1: 7 weeks
    – Dutch group courses level A2-C1: 6 weeks (per part)
    – Conversation courses: 6 weeks
    – Intensive courses: 2 weeks
  • Can I continue to the next level after a course?
    Yes, if you complete the course successfully you can continue to the next level. After completing a course, students will receive a certificate of participation. Students need to attend at least 75% of the lessons and complete the assignments to receive the certificate.
  • What is the minimum and maximum amount of participants in a group course?
    Our general group courses and conversation courses have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 students. This way we can give the maximum amount of attention to each student.
  • Are the teachers qualified?
    We set high standards to our teachers. They should match with our concept, need to have educational skills and experience in teaching the language.
    Most of our teachers have qualifications to teach English, Dutch or Spanish. However, we find it more important that our teachers really can teach! Certifications don’t say everything, so sometimes the best teachers are the ones that don’t have the qualifications.
  • Are all the teachers native?
    All our teachers are native or manage the language like their mother tongue language.
  • Can I take a trial lesson?
    Yes, it is possible to have a (paid) trial lesson, by joining the first lesson of the course. If you don’t want to continue, you only have to pay for the trial lesson (€ 30,00).
    However, if you want to take a trial lesson your spot in the course is not yet guaranteed. Only if the payment of the course is completed, your spot in the course is guaranteed.
  • What is the minimum age for group courses?
    The minimum age for group courses is 17 years. Private lessons can be given from 12 years old.
  • Do you have courses in the weekend?
    Yes, we have Conversation Courses on Saturdays. General group courses are given on weekdays only. For the exact schedule, check the individual course.Private lessons can be given in the weekend as well, if desired.
  • Do you have 6-month or 1-year courses?
    Our courses are offered year-round with some breaks in between, so you can enrol for consecutive courses. We also offer some long-term packages as well. Contact us to ask for the possibilities.
  • Do you have fulltime courses?
    No, we don’t offer fulltime group courses. However, for private lessons this is possible.


Missed lessons

  • Can I recover the lesson in another group if I miss it?
    No this is not possible. We try to keep the group size and – composition the same to make the students feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why it’s not possible to recover a missed lesson in another group.
  • Can I take one class in the evening and the other in the morning during the whole course?
    No this is not possible. We find it important that the group stays the same for the whole course.
  • I will miss some lessons in the course, what can I do?
    In general group courses missed lessons can not be refunded or taken on another moment, because the group works towards a particular level within the given period. However, sometimes it’s possible to join the lessons via Skype if you have the chance to.
    With conversation courses it’s possible to join later in the course (in case the course is not full) or pay only for the lessons you can attend. But this needs to be arranged before the start of the course.



  • Where can I buy the books?
    You can order the book(s) directly through us when enrolling for a physical course. We will reserve the books for you, so you can pick them up at our location for the first lesson.
    For online courses you can order the book(s) yourself. We will send you the link where to buy the book.
  • Do I need books for the course?
    Only for the general group courses books are required. For conversation courses no books are required.
    In the description of the course you can find which books are needed for the course.
  • Are the books included in the price of the course?
    No, the books are not included in the total price of the course.


Certificates and exams

  • Do you provide international certificates?
    No, we do not provide internationally recognised certificates. These exams are given twice a year in every country and there are some institutions where you can take them. But you need to pay for these exams.
  • Do you prepare for international exams, like FCE, CAE, Inburgering exam?
    With private lessons you can specifically prepare for certain exams.
    We do not offer group courses which specifically prepare for international exams. Our general courses focus on reaching a particular level. Most international exams require a certain level, so with our courses you will reach the level that is needed. After that you can prepare for the particular exam.
  • Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?
    Yes, you will get a certificate of participation at the end of the course if you attended at least the 75% of the lessons and completed the assignments within the course and the course covers a whole level or the last part of the level. This certificate states the level and amount of hours taken.


Payment and Discounts

  • Do you accept payments through a DUO loan?
    No, Language Corner doesn’t accept payments through DUO-loans. This is because our group courses don’t specifically prepare for the inburgering exam.
  • Can I pay for every class instead of the whole course?
    No, as it is a group course, that is not possible. You have to pay for the whole course in advance.
    For conversation courses it’s sometimes possible to pay only for the lessons that you going to attend. But this has to be arranged before the course starts.
  • What are the bank details of Language Corner in order to make a bank transfer?
    You can find our bank details on the invoice. Please send us an email or fill in a contact form if you still can’t find them.
  • Can I pay in parts (instalments)?
    In some occasions this is possible. Ask one of the employees at the school for the possibilities.
  • Do I get discount if I bring a friend?
    Yes, if you bring a friend you get 10% of discount on the group course (regular or conversation course) where you are going to sign up for, or 10% discount on the next course if you are already enrolled for a course.
  • Which payment methods do you offer?
    The following payment methods are accepted:
    If you sign up through the website:
    – iDEAL (Dutch debit card)
    – Credit card (+3% administration fee)
    – Apple Pay
    – By bank transfer
    Payment at our school:
    – With PIN (debit or credit card)


Interested or further questions?

Do you have further questions? Check our frequently asked questions or fill in the contact form below on our contact page.

My two week course learning A2 Dutch at Language Corner in Amsterdam has definitely gone beyond my expectations. Fantastic classes mixing the didactic aspect of a course and the fun part of learning a new language. Het was fantastisch!

Cristòfor Rosique Bird