Amount of lessons

1 try-out lesson

Total amount of hours

1 hour

Lessons per week



€ 5,00

Try-out for the Dutch beginners course

Beginners course A1

Are you interested in taking a Dutch beginners course but not 100% sure yet? We organise Dutch try-out lessons, so you can have a taste of our school and courses!

The try-out lesson is a perfect opportunity for you to see our school, taste the atmosphere and have a glimpse of how our courses are organised.

Sign up now for the try-out lesson for only € 5,00 per person. For this you’ll get a 60-minute workshop in which one of our Dutch teachers shows the lay-out of the course and will work in a fun way on the very basics of the Dutch language.

Note: there are only a limited amount of spots available in the courses. If you are certain of taking a beginners course and want to secure your spot, we advise you to sign up online for the course before the workshop.

Dutch try-out workshop

  • Date workshop:
  • Times workshop:
  • Amount of participants: 4-10
  • Price: € 5,00 per person

You can register for the try-out workshop through the registration form below.