Which International English exam do I need to choose?

For professional occasions, to get accepted for university, or maybe just to prove yourself, you will need to take an international English exam to prove your current English level. There are many international English exams, but how do you choose the one that is best for you?

Overview most popular English exams

We will give you an overview of the most popular exams worldwide, the EF SET, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and the Cambridge exams. Some of these exam institutions have multiple tests based on the different levels, others work with different type of English tests. On this page we will provide a comparison of the several English exams, so you can see which one fits best your needs.

Below you can find a comparison of the most popular international English exams, so you can see which exam fits your situation best.

Levels language courses

Comparison international English exams

The purpose of the international English exams differs. Some of the exams you can use for immigration purposes, some for admission at universities and others for professional certification. Here you can find an overview of the characteristics of the different exams.

Prepare for an English exam

Do you have plans taking an international English test? We can specifically prepare you for one of the exams through private lessons. In the private lessons you can focus on the elements that need attention and are most important for the exam. You can find all the information about the private lessons here.

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