Online Dutch course

With this online Dutch course Dutch Every Day you can learn in 366 lessons a little bit of Dutch online every day for a whole year. Or you can just learn Dutch online at your own pace!

The course brings you in a fun and stimulating way from the beginners A0 level to the elementary level A2.

Proved method, now online!

Every Day Dutch is developed by Intertaal and existed as a physical Dutch language calendar. Over 1,000 copies were sold of this calendar. In cooperation with Language Corner was decided to offer this concept digital as well. Now you can enjoy Every Day Dutch from anywhere, on your computer or smartphone!

Online Dutch course Every Day Dutch

What does this online Dutch course offer?

  • – Useful vocabulary, phrases and examples of real-life conversations
  • – Simple instructions in English
  • – Clear and concise explanation of grammar and useful language
  • – Audios to practise your pronunciation
  • – Interesting facts about Dutch culture and language
  • – Responsive design, so can also be used on your phone or tablet
  • – Many engaging exercises


Suitable for beginners up to the A1 level

This course brings you from the very basic A0 level to the A2 level. Therefore it’s suitable for beginners up to the A1 level.

So if you want to learn Dutch online a bit by bit and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on physical courses, this online Dutch course is ideal for you!

Online Dutch course

Our online Dutch course

1. Dutch Every Day – Online Dutch course

€ 69,00

Total amount of lessons: 366 lessons

  • Designed for the beginners levels
  • Grammar, Listening, Writing, Reading & Dutch culture

Dutch online private lessons

Would you like to have lessons from a professional teacher? In that case Dutch private lessons via Skype are ideal for you!  You can take the lessons anywhere on earth, but you can expect the quality of Language Corner. And you will get € 5,00 discount on the normal prices of our private lessons.

Best way to improve quickly

Private lessons are the best way to improve quickly, because you have the full attention of the teacher and the possibility to focus on specific aspects you would like to improve. Furthermore, the lessons are adapted to your needs and level.

Online Dutch private lessons

How does it work?

Very simple:

  1. 1. Choose a package for private lessons
  2. 2. Fill in the registration form with your preferences
  3. 3. We will select a Dutch teacher for you based on your preferences
  4. 4. The teacher will contact you to discuss your level, goals and to arrange the lesson schedule (if needed)