Online Dutch group courses

Dutch online group courses

If you are not living in Amsterdam or rather would like to take a Dutch group course from home, our online Dutch courses are ideal for you!

Small groups, personal approach

Lessons are given through live online sessions with a maximum of 8 students. This way the online Dutch courses still have the feel of a cozy environment and can be given in an interactive way. Our online Dutch courses are always given by native Dutch teachers with very user-friendly online software.

General courses and conversation courses

Below you can see the Dutch online courses we are currently offering. You can choose between a general group courses, which covers all the aspects of the language, or a conversation course, which only focuses on the speaking aspect.

We are offering online Dutch courses from the beginners level A1 up to the B2 level.

Levels according to the European standard (CEFR):

Levels language courses

Online Dutch courses

Online Dutch courses

Dutch online lessons (private course 1-on-1)

Online Dutch lessons

With the private 1-on-1 online Dutch lessons you can choose your own pace and intensity. You will have the full attention of the teacher, which makes it possible to make more progress in a shorter period if you compare it with group courses.

Adjust the lessons the way you want

Our online Dutch lessons are the best way to get you on the Dutch level you are striving for. Lessons are highly interactive and are focusing on the teaching methods that fits you best. This way you will advance much quicker and you can adjust the lessons the way you want!

Focus on particular aspects

You can for example focus on job applications or on improving your Dutch writing or speaking skills. It’s also possible to specifically prepare you for the Dutch civil integration exams (inburgering exam).


The prices below are based on Dutch lessons for one individual, but it’s also possible to take online Dutch lessons with 2 or more people. Lessons are taken through live online sessions with a native Dutch teacher.

Packages online Dutch lessons

1. Flexible

€54 per hour
  • Minimum of 8 hours
  • Monthly invoice for the hours taken*
  • Flexible intensity and lesson schedule
  • Can be terminated at any time**

2. Regular

€45 per hour
  • Minimum of 24 hours
  • 1 lesson per week (2 hours each)
  • Fixed lesson schedule***
  • One trial lesson (paid)

3. Semi-intensive

€43 per hour
  • Minimum of 24 hours
  • 2 lessons per week (2 hours each)
  • Fixed lesson schedule***
  • One trial lesson (paid)

4. Intensive Custom

€45 per hour
  • Minimum of 24 hours
  • Minimum of 5 hours per week
  • Fixed lesson schedule***
  • One trial lesson (paid)

* Minimum of 4 hours per month and the first 8 hours should be paid in advance
** After the first 8 hours
*** The schedule will be arranged with the teacher (based on your availability) and can be changed once for free

Online Dutch lessons with 2 or more people

You can also take the online Dutch private lessons with your partner, a friend or colleague(s) and save on the price per person. These are the additional prices on top of the price per hour of the selected package:

2 persons

+ €20,00 per hour

3-5 persons

+ €30,00 per hour

6-8 persons

+ €40,00 per hour

Frequently asked questions

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