6 weeks

Amount of lessons

6 lessons (2 hrs. each)

Total amount of hours

12 hours

Lessons per week

1 lesson/week

Group size

4-10 students


€ 250,00

Lesson schedule

Tuesdays - 17:00-19:00h

Do you need to pass the inburgering exam soon? Then this training is ideal for you to get prepared in the best way!

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Why should I take this course?

Even if you already have the Dutch A2, it’s very important to prepare yourself in the best way for the exam. Not only do the exams cost quite a lot of money, it also takes a long time to make a new appointment for a retake. Finally, there are also big fines for missing the deadline of integrating.

The inburgering exam has a very specific format and it takes some time to get used to this format and lay-out. Since all the aspects on the exam are time-bound, you want to avoid to stress about the format and lay-out.

Therefore we have created a training which prepares you in the best way for the inburgering exam. In this training you:

  • Get useful tips & tricks about how to approach every aspect
  • Work with examples of real tests to become familiar with the final test
  • Receive exercises to prepare you for the reading, speaking, listening, writing  and KNM aspects.


Lay-out of the course

The training consists of 6 classroom sessions of 2 hours each, in small groups of max. 10 students. The lessons will be given through live online sessions.

In every classroom session you will get general tips and work on the following skills to pass the test; listening, reading, speaking, writing & KNM questions. Furthermore, you will get access to the online environment. On this online environment you will find a lot of extra theory and extra grammar, reading and writing exercises.

The lesson material is included.

Who can takes this inburgering exam preparation training?

For this training you would need at least the Dutch A2 level.
A2 Level for Inburgering Exam Preparation Training

Every student requires to take an intake (level assessment) by phone with one of our Dutch teachers. This intake is included in the price. Are you not sure about your current level? Then you can request a level assessment here.

If you don’t have the A2 level yet, you can take one of our Dutch general courses first to reach the A2 level.

Lesson schedule

This is an online course (live online group sessions) only, given in small groups of max. 10 students.


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Starting dates 2023
Date last lesson
January 17th 2023
February 21st 2023
March 14th 2023
April 18th 2023
May 16th 2023
June 20th 2023
July 11th 2023
August 15th 2023
September 5th 2023
October 10th 2023
October 31st 2023
December 5th 2023