Het Language Corner Team


Oprichter & Docente Engels

Hi everyone! My name is Isabel and I’m an experienced teacher of English as a foreign language. I have worked as a Spanish tutor and English teacher with children, teenagers and adults for more than 8 years.

I enjoy travelling and knowing about other cultures and languages. That is the reason why ‘teaching’ became my passion.

I strongly believe that when learning a new language, it is very important to have teachers that make you feel enthusiastic and comfortable by learning something new, interesting and useful in every lesson. So I hope you enjoy the fantastic learning experience of Language Corner by having a great time!



Hi people! My name is Eric and founded Language Corner together with Isabel. I don’t teach myself but focus mainly on the administrative and financial part of the company.

I love sports, but football in particular. Besides that I enjoy traveling the world, seeing new places and meeting new people. What I learned from traveling is that a language really connects people. It’s hard to communicate and understand the culture of each other when you don’t speak the same language.

The goal is to make Language Corner an international company so people all over the world have the ability to learn a language in a professional and fun way! Because learning another language enriches your life 🙂


Dutch teacher Language Corner

Docente Nederlands & Community Manager

Hi there! I’m Leana, Dutch teacher and responsible for communication and events at the Language Corner.

A bit about myself… I grew up in the Netherlands, but have been lucky enough to have lived in a lot of different countries throughout my life. Through this, as well as my passion for language and the role that it plays in society, I am comfortable conversing in English, Dutch, Spanish and French. I recently finished my masters in sociolinguistics, where I investigated topics related to language policy and language learning.

I absolutely love travel and the experiences that you can have along the way, and I also understand how essential language is in creating meaningful connections with people around the world. I know that learning languages can be challenging, which is why that I hope that my enthusiasm will help you take the first steps on the route to Dutchification.

In my spare time I love listening to classical music or going to (techno) festivals. I also really like to spend time practicing yoga and meditation.

I hope to you see you soon at the school or our bar nights, have a groovy day!


Docent Engels

Hey everybody! My name is Jacob and I’m from Sydney, Australia. Amsterdam is a bit colder than Sydney, but the bikes, culture and people (that’s you!) are what make this epic city my second home 🙂

I’m passionate about the natural world, food, travel and education. I love diversity of all kinds, which is one reason why I became a language teacher.

I find languages fascinating; each one carries an alternative perspective on how to see the world. Learning a new language truly has the potential to change your life, and I think it’s a remarkable thing to pursue and accomplish.

I hold a Master of Secondary Teaching and a Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults. Throughout my studies and classroom experience I’ve learnt that successful education of any kind must be engaging, and that the best way to capture students’ attention is to make lessons fun! I therefore strive to incorporate games, practical skills and laughs in every single lesson.

I wish you the very best with your language journey and hope we meet soon.


Docente Engels

Hello! My name is Tiana and I was born and raised in the heart of Texas!

Before moving to Amsterdam, I had the privilege of working as a Supplemental Instructor at Austin Community College for a sophomore-level government class. Helping students grasp difficult subjects and understand the complexity of the U.S. Government was incredibly rewarding. I absolutely loved it!

In addition to teaching, I love singing and playing the guitar. Victor Wooten, one of my favorite bassists, once said that we should approach music the same way we learn verbal language – by embracing mistakes and practicing as often as possible.

I believe in viewing mistakes as a necessary bridge to cross in order to communicate effectively in a new language. Remember, a bridge closes a gap. It connects two impassible sides. So let’s cross that bridge together! See you in class!


Docente Spaans

Hi, my name is Pilar and I’m from a town near the city of Madrid. I recently moved to Amsterdam in need of a change. I’m in love with this city and most of all, my pink-wheeled bike.

I studied English Studies in Madrid and specialised in applied linguistics. This was just the beginning of my relationship with teaching. I continued my training with different courses and a Master’s Degree and since I started I haven’t regret it one bit. The proof is that I’ve been teaching English and Spanish for seven years now. I’ve taught kids and adults in a wide variety of contexts and I keep on learning with every student I teach.

Making students feel comfortable in class is at the top of my list since I think learning a language is a process that one should enjoy and be excited about it, so I try to make my classes fun and interesting, classes where anybody can make their contributions without feeling stressed out.

Besides teaching, I love watching documentaries, dinosaurs, hiking and something I really enjoy is learning trivia, so you better be ready to get asked a lot!


Docent Engels

Hello! My name’s Josh, and I hail from the paradise that is Yorkshire, in the North of England.

I’ve been very lucky to work and study in some of the best educational institutions in the world, and have lived in the UK, the US, Spain, and the Netherlands. I’ve developed my approach to teaching and learning alongside some truly inspirational educators from very different walks of life; something I look forward to sharing with you!

I’ve a keen interest in politics and humanitarian issues and, for me, every minute we invest engaging with those who are different to us is a step towards striking a fatal blow to all kinds of prejudice and discrimination. Language learning therefore becomes one of our most invaluable tools in building a better world.

And, let’s be honest, it’s a whole load of fun too. If we get the chance to share a classroom together, I can promise an engaging approach to learning in which laughter is a key ingredient.

When I’m not teaching, I love to spend my time travelling, playing guitar, reading, cooking, and doing sport.

Hope we get the chance to meet each other soon.


Docente Engels

Hi everyone! I’m Liz and I’m from the U.S. I moved to Amsterdam after falling in love with the vivacity and diversity of the city, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

In 2012, I fell into teaching accidentally after graduating from university in New York City with a degree in Theatre Arts. Feeling a little aimless, I packed my bags and moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where I began teaching English to adults just to pay the bills. I discovered quickly that I had stumbled into my passion, and I’ve spent the following years dedicating myself to helping students reach their goals.

My experience has taught me just how powerful language can be, bringing people from all backgrounds together in surprising and fulfilling ways. Learning (and teaching!) a language is about appreciating challenge, embracing mistakes, and leaning enthusiastically into new experiences. I value a sense of fun and community in my classroom, and I strive to empower everyone to shape their own success.

Apart from teaching, I love zip-lining, meeting friends to play board games, and cooking big weekend brunches.

Welcome to Language Corner – I’m looking forward to seeing you in class!


Docente Nederlands

Hi everyone, my name is Michelle Berlijn and I’m from a small town called Zaandam located near Amsterdam. I’m passionate about languages and for me there’s nothing more beautiful than sharing my passion with my students and seeing them grow in the new language they’re learning.

I have had the privilege of teaching English and Dutch to both adults and children in Santiago de Chile, where I also learned to speak Spanish fluently and lived for 5 years in a totally different culture than mine. Therefore I know what it’s like to live in a foreign country, having to learn a new language and to adapt to a whole new culture. I love to study the contrasts between different languages and their cultures. It’s interesting to see how learning a foreign language helps you to understand the culture of that country and how it can even change your view of the world.

I believe that the best way to learn a language is to have fun while doing it and it is my goal to make my lessons as interactive but educative as possible for you in order to learn the language in a fun and effective way.

Besides languages, I love walking in the park, reading, watching netflix and travelling.


Docente Engels

Hello friends of Language Corner!  

I was born and raised at the bottom of the African continent in the beautiful city of Cape Town.  Having recently completed my degree in Sociology and English Literature, I made my way up the planet to Europe. Now I find myself in the magically quaint and quintessential city of Amsterdam. I am currently completing my Research Masters in Psychology and teaching the language that I know far too well. 

When I am not teaching and studying, I am most likely using up the WIFI at coffee shops (the one’s that sell coffee), looking for a patch of sunshine (I am African) or playing backgammon. 

I was drawn to warm and welcoming people behind the success of Language Corner. Learning languages can be very intimidating and structured, but that’s not the ethos here. You will feel comfortable to explore and grow in this homey space!


Docente Nederlands

Hallo daar! I’m Jamila, a real Dutchie, born and raised in Amsterdam. I love to travel, learn about cultural differences, listen to people’s stories and am very motivated to learn. Progress is what makes me happy, making progress myself but especially seeing other people making progress. I think learning a language should be fun and will find ways to turn the energy around when excitement can not be felt. Moreover, I love challenges and like to challenge my students. I believe that we can do so much more than we think we can.

The human brain is my main field of interest and I like to combine my (increasing) knowledge of the brain with the constant search for the best way to learn foreign languages. Having said that, every brain does require a different method. No standard classes, I like to make every class interesting according to your personal interest and capabilities. Why learn 100 new words about art, if you’ll not talk about art in your daily life. Setting priorities, the details will follow. Are you ready?


Docente Engels

Hi! I’m Allyson, and I come from the dreamy college town of Athens, Georgia in the United States! I am so excited to call Amsterdam my home, and to teach English to people from all over the world!

I have a life-long passion for languages and cultures. My mother is from Puerto Rico and taught me the beautiful Spanish language, and as a child I spent many years here in the Netherlands.  As a university student, I studied and travelled extensively all over Europe, and earned a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Art History and then a Master’s degree (MA) in Italian and Spanish.  I began my teaching career as an instructor of Italian at the University of Georgia, and eventually became a private tutor in Atlanta, Georgia. After moving to Amsterdam, I decided to pursue teaching my native language by earning a master certification for teaching English to international students.

I love people! I am passionate about connecting with others face-to-face, sharing ideas, and encouraging students to go far in their professional and personal lives by building their confidence with one successful lesson after another. When I am not teaching, you can find me exploring this beautiful city on my bicycle, cooking up dinner parties at my lovely home, frequenting live jazz shows, or drinking a delicious beer at a pub.  I’m excited to meet and work with new students and hope you make the Language Corner your next stop for your language goals and needs!


Docente Nederlands

Hi! I’m Anne, born and raised in the Netherlands.

When I took my first French class in high school I fell in love with learning foreign languages, and I haven’t fallen out of it ever since. I studied Linguistics and Spanish in Amsterdam, and during my study experience abroad I learned that I love to be in an international environment, exchanging language and culture.

Being a teacher also taught me a lot, and believe it or not, the Dutch language still surprises me regularly! When I’m teaching about the Dutch culture (or talk about what’s typical Amsterdams) I love to laugh with my students about the funny sayings and customs.

In my lessons I like to focus on communicating, giving my students the tools to be able to do so. I use my personal experience, anecdotes, games and songs to keep you engaged in every class.

When I’m not teaching I like to read a good book, eat gambas with garlic, or scuba dive in some deep ocean.

Are you willing to dive into Dutch with me?


Docente Engels

Hey there and welcome to Language Corner Amsterdam!

My name is Sue, a Chicago native who has been living in the Netherlands since 1996. While in Chicago, I earned my B.A. in Communications and soon after began working for CBS Radio as a producer and later as host of the Sunday morning radio program, Chicago Connection, for B96 radio.

As I am one who loves to travel, life eventually brought me to the Netherlands and with my passion for language, I immediately enrolled in a Dutch class. I really enjoyed my Dutch lessons and admired the teachers that were so dedicated to our group. It got me thinking and I realized this is something I would also like to do. At that moment, I decided to go back to school and I earned the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). Since then I’ve had the pleasure of providing all types of courses such as: General English, Business English, exam preparation, presentation skills, and English for specific purposes (flight attendants, tour guides, hospitality employees, etc). In addition, I work as a Dutch-English translator. So, as you can see, language is definitely a “thing” with me. ?

For me, one of the most important aspects of learning a language is that students feel safe and comfortable in the classroom. Creating an open and fun learning environment is crucial to every student’s unique language journey. I love seeing the progress students make and watching their confidence grow with each week. And I love to laugh and have fun. Hopefully you do too and we’ll see each other soon!