6 weeks

Amount of lessons

6 lessons (2 hrs. each)

Total amount of hours

12 hours

Lessons per week

1 lesson/week

Amount of students

4-8 students


€ 195,00

Lesson schedule

Wednesdays - 19:30-21:30h

English Conversation Course Advanced (Evening)

The advanced English Conversation Course in Amsterdam is an English speaking course for people with an advanced English level (B2+ and higher).

Improve your English speaking skills by working on your vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation and confidence in this useful and fun course. The course is given in small groups (4-8 students) and by a native English teacher, so there will be enough personal attention for each individual.

For this course no books our required.

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Starting dates
Date last lesson
October 30th 2019
December 4th 2019
January 22nd 2020
February 26th 2020
March 18th 2020
April 22nd 2020
May 20th 2020
June 24th 2020
September 9th 2020
October 14th 2020
November 4th 2020
December 9th 2020