6 weeks

Amount of lessons

12 lessons (2,5 hrs. each)

Total amount of hours

30 hours

Lessons per week

2 lessons/week

Group size

4-8 students


From € 445,50

Lesson schedule

Tue & Thu – 19:30-22:00h

Dutch Course B2 – Part 2 (Evening)

This Dutch course B2 (part 2) is a Dutch upper-intermediate course in Amsterdam for people with an intermediate Dutch level (B1+). It will bring you from the B1+ level towards the B2 level. After the course you will receive a certificate for the Dutch B2 level.

In the course all the aspects of the language are covered, such as grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking. The course is given in small groups (4-8 students). You will work with the book De Finale, but many other interactive exercises outside the book are used as well.

You can choose to take the course at one of our locations in Amsterdam or online through live online sessions.

Location lessons physical course: Rietwijkerstraat 10, Amsterdam
Online course: you will receive 10% discount on the course.

Book needed: De Finale

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Starting dates 2021
Date last lesson
January 26th 2021
March 4th 2021
March 16th 2021
April 22nd 2021
May 18th 2021
June 24th 2021
July 13th 2021
August 19th 2021
September 7th 2021
October 14th 2021
November 2nd 2021
December 9th 2021